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Technology In Later Life (TILL) Project (2015-2017)

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Project Setup:
Individual photos of Rebecca, Cory, Hannah, Shannon, Charles
Swansea Logo, OU and Regina Logos, UNBC Logo

Ethics & Related Documents:
Ethics information from UNBC - Shannon Freeman
TILL_Ethics Application_Shannon Freeman
Consent Form (Blank)
Research study information sheet
Flyer 70_Hannah_070715
Poster 70_Final_150915
Wakefied_Advertisement_TILL - Newspaper advertisement

Canadian Recruitment documentation:
Canadian version flyer UR revisions
canadian version poster U of R revisions
consent form uofr revised
consent form uofr revsed 8 13 2015
consent form uofr unbc revised
memo ethics revisions
memo ethics revisions 08 13 2015
Script mailinglists UofR revised
Script mailinglists UofR revised 08 13 2015
Updated july 8Research Study information sheet 180515
cdn.versionResearch study information sheet_180515

Ethical Approval:
UNCB Ethics Approval_E2015.0714.061.00
Ethical_Approval - Musselwhite TILL
2015-113-Cert_of_Approval-U of R

Data Collection:
2 versions of the Survey - Canadian and UK in pdf format

All Survey Data and Transcripts is held on a secure server the University of Northern British Columbia

KESS Seminar conducted 14th March 2018 at the Northern Irish Assembly, Stormont, Belfast - 3 documents uploaded (Presentation in PPT, PDF, and Briefing document - PDF)

1 Publication - Genoe 2018_eLeisure and older adults
15th Canadian Congress on Leisure Research Conference notification - 24.11.2016 - Kulczycki_Cory_16

Public Engagement/Knowledge Translation:
Olynick_etal_2016_presentation to Northern BC stakeholders