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Ageing Well Public Talks 2019-20

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Posted on 2020-09-15 - 14:16 authored by Jitka Vseteckova

As part of the 'Ageing Well Public Talk series' we are exploring how important it is, over our lifespan, to maintain a well-balanced nutrition and hydration as well as regular physical and social activity in the older age, also known as the 'Five Pillars of Ageing Well'. As we know we start ageing the moment we are born. It demonstrates more significantly when we reach certain age, the usual benchmark being 65+, but our ageing starts much sooner and the way ageing demonstrates when we are over 65 depends on decisions we have been making over our life span.

I have been presenting the ‘Ageing Well’ Lecture Series in collaboration with Third Age University and Free Time University overseas and more recently in collaboration with primary care practices in the UK. Currently also collaborating with Age UK MK, Public Health Northamptonshire, Carers MK, UKeMED & Cambridge Medical Academy, East of England Academic Health Science Network and the and Voluntary Health Scotland on delivering ‘Ageing Well Public Talks’.

Topics & dates offered 2019/2020:

Are we prepared to live longer? – October 22nd 2019

video-recording is now available via

Ageing Brain – November 26th 2019

video-recording is now available via

Nutritional needs while ageing – January 28th 2020

video-recording is now available via

Pharmacotherapy while ageing – February 25th 2020

video-recording is now available via

Move it and breathe – March 24th 2020

video-recording is now available via

Standing tall – April 28th 2020

video-recording is now available via

This work is accompanied by 5 mini lectures on specific topic ‘Five Pillars of Ageing well’ relating to Ageing Well: Nutrition, Hydration, Physical, Social and Cognitive Stimulation. Also available via OpenLearn.

Vseteckova J (2019) 5 reasons why exercising outdoors is great for people who have dementia

Vseteckova J (2019) Depression, mood and exercise

Vseteckova J (2019) Five Pillars for Ageing Well

COVID-19 related -

Vseteckova J, (2020) How to age well, while self-isolating

Vseteckova J, (2020) SHORT FILM - Ageing Well in Self-Isolation

Vseteckova J, (2020) ANIMATION - Keeping healthy in Self-Isolation


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