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Ageing Well Public Talks Series 2023-24. Talk 5: Memory and spending time outdoors

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posted on 2024-01-17, 15:07 authored by Jitka VseteckovaJitka Vseteckova, Ellie broad

Talk 5 – Memory and spending time outdoors – Ellie Broad & Jitka Vseteckova - Ageing Well Public Talks Series 23/24

24th January 2024 – In this talk Ellie and Jitka will discuss about memory and how we can preserve our memory while staying outdoors.

Ms Ellie Broad - Project Engagement Officer, The Parks Trust. Ellie has been working at The Parks Trust as community engagement officer for the Great Linford Manor Park Heritage Fund project, which focuses on engaging people living with dementia in our community.

Dr. Vseteckova is an academic at the Open University where she is involved in research, teaching, supervision and external collaborations. She leads and presents the successful Ageing Well Public Talks and has an interest in health policy and planning, public health and education. She is passionate about ageing well and particularly focussed on addressing health inequalities in this area.


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