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posted on 2018-12-18, 12:22 authored by Trevor Herbert

This is a copy of the data underlying the website ‘The Robert Minter Collection: A Handlist of Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Trumpet Repertory’ which contained a database of music collected by Robert L. Minter (1949-81).

Minter’s interest was in the collection of sources that contribute to our understanding of the trumpet at various points in its history before the twentieth century.

The website is no longer active but has been archived by the Internet Archive, most recently in May 2017:

While the website retains much of the supporting information and the contents of the database, not all functionality and content has been preserved – for example the database is not searchable. Therefore, this dataset collects all available data.

Files in this dataset:

- Access database: Minter_database.accdb

- A csv copy of the data: Minter_database_copy.csv

- A zip file containing information about the collection, about the database, and about the website (including copies of web content): Website and supplementary

- A list of the files in the zip file: Contents of zip file.docx

The project and outputs are the work of Trevor Herbert at the Open University. For more information, please contact

About the original collection:

“The principal aims in compiling the handlist have been to identify the sources of the works that Minter compiled and to provide enough information about them to facilitate easy access to the primary sources. Minter’s approach was not entirely systematic – it was, to a large extent, expedient: he accumulated facsimiles of manuscripts in places where his travels took him, and because he travelled widely in Europe he encountered sources not just in the large national libraries and archives but also in less prominent places."


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