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In This Sad World, by Mahin

posted on 2022-10-24, 13:05 authored by Mahin (Anonymous), Shahsavar RahmaniShahsavar Rahmani, Tom Cheesman

During an interview with Shahsavar Rahman on 25 September 2020, Mahin (not her real name) read this poem she had written in Farsi, in which she conveys her feelings about the first six months of the pandemic. Her poem, translated by Shahsavar Rahman and Tom Cheesman in October 2021, still resonates and conveys the shock of this sad new pandemic world we still live in.

Sad Woman image courtesy of Larm Rmah on Unsplash.

Swansea Beach image courtesy of Tom Cheesman.


This material is part of the Covid Chronicles from the Margins project, funded by The Open University and The Hague. The project aims to highlight the impact of the pandemic on refugees, asylum seekers & undocumented migrants.

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