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Open-Source Digital Image Correlation Analysis Data for Select Open Source Data for the Small Ring Tensile Test

Posted on 2023-05-30 - 13:41 authored by Aniket Joshi

This collections is an open-source dataset for digital image correlation (DIC) processed data on small ring tensile tests which were made open-source by Joshi et al [1]. The collection contains the data for DIC analysis undertaken on three of the experiments described in their literature. The procedure for obtaining the displacement vectors, relevant for the analysis of the small ring tensile

test, are showcased in this collection. 

The analysed DIC data is presented in .CSV format in the form of the x, y, and total displacement magnitudes for the full duration of the experiments under consideration. This open-source data enables future researches to properly analyse the small ring tensile test on Stainless Steel (Grade 316L) at various displacement rates with the help of DIC, and therefore enabling future researchers to build up on this data and better understand this testing technique.

The "Extension Rate" in the sub-folders refers to the pin displacement rate of the test in mm/min. In the folder nomenclature, this is followed by the region on which DIC has been performed on the small ring test setup. For instance, "30DegreeAll" refers to the 30-degree regions on the ring's surface on the either side of the horizontal axis, "RightArm" refers to the right side of the ring, and so on. More details about the processing and layout can be found in the PDF document in this collection.


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