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Online CABS Public Seminar Series programme 2022-23

Seminar1: Climate change and older people Monday 28 November 2022 17:00 to 18:20 pm online

Can we understand the local without the global? Emeritus Professor Sheila Peace in her book, ‘The Environments of Ageing: Space, place and materiality’, draws attention to the fact that population ageing is co-occurring and intersecting with other major transformations such as migration, rapid urbanisation, technological development, and climate change. In this talk she explores the interactions between population ageing and climate change as they impact older people and environments of ageing.

When thinking of impact of climate change and climate change action, the focus is very much on younger generations with older people framed as part of the problem. What do we know about engaging with older people about climate change? Briony Latter, PhD Researcher at the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST), Cardiff University discusses her research about language, values and framing in climate conversations with older people.

View recording: Climate Change and Older People

Seminar 2: Addressing the inequalities faced by LGBTQ+ people as they grow older

This joint panel discussion organised by the Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies and the charity ‘Opening Doors’ contributed to the LGBGQ+ History month. The panel discussion, led by Professor Ben Thomas (Research and Policy Coordinator, Opening Doors) and chaired by Dr Verina Waights (CABS Co-Chair), included Ms Janet Idowu (Royal College of Nursing Ethnic Minorities Subgroup) and an ambassador from Opening Doors. Opening Doors is the only UK national charity aimed at addressing the needs of older LGBTQ+ people.

Research shows that older LGBTQ+ people have worse outcomes across different aspects of their lives including physical health, loneliness, social isolation, mental health and experiences of violence. They are more likely to be single and live alone than their heterosexual counterparts, to be estranged from their biological families and are less likely to have children. In addition, they are often reluctant to engage with statutory services due to fear of discrimination. Moreover, they can dread the prospect of accessing care and residential services and, as a result, avoid planning for the care they will need in later life.

Recording unavailable

Seminar 3: Participatory Action Research with Older People – Challenges and Opportunities of Engagement

In this seminar, Professor Hilary Bradbury (CEO: Action Research Plus Foundation discusses participatory action research with older people. She draws on examples of successful healthcare practices that have brought about change and transformations for older people with lived experiences, practitioners and policy makers involved in their care.

View recording: Participatory action research with older people

Seminar 4: Fuel or food? Health and policy implications for older people in the UK

In a time of economic turmoil, the UK is facing a stark cost-of-living crisis where people may be forced to choose between heating their homes and eating regular, nutritious meals. Limited research has explored this intersection of food and fuel poverty (FFP). Older adults are particularly vulnerable to a potential “heat or eat” trade-off and to the health repercussions of FFP. Excess mortality is the starkest of FFP’s potential health repercussions, which impacts the UK more than other neighbouring colder climate countries.

In this session, Dr Aravinda Guntupalli (Senior Lecturer in Global Health, University of Aberdeen) and Sarah Champagne (PhD Researcher, University of Aberdeen) jointly explore these largely neglected phenomena that are markedly salient for older adults, drawing on their current research.

View recording: Fuel or food? Health and policy implications for older people in the UK


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