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QTMM2012c_plus_Rules_Extraction_Example.ipynb (24.1 kB)

Rules Extraction Example Python Notebook for QTMM2012c+ resource

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posted on 2022-06-07, 11:09 authored by Jacopo Amidei

This Python notebook presents an example of how to use the QTMM2012c+ resource for extracting information for rules definitions. It also shows how it is possible to print the instances of the transition (TA) that make up the rules.

QTMM2012c+ is a resource which links relations between propositions (inference, conflict and rephrase) to dialogue act sequences. QTMM2012c+ builds on the MM2012c annotated corpus of BBC Moral Maze debates, extending it with new annotations - for speaker roles (chair, panellists and witnesses), speaker stances (neutral, pro and con) and locution chronological ordering - and making the information available in a queryable format.


Opening Up Minds: Engaging Dialogue Generated From Argument Maps

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