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posted on 2023-06-29, 15:42 authored by Matteo CancellieriMatteo Cancellieri

This is the presentation for an Ask the expert event that ran on June 29th. 

The following is the session description:

The Open University's Faculty of STEM bring another engaging Ask the Expert session:

ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

ChatGPT, Large Language Models and related technologies, such as DALL E 2 and Stable Diffusion, are attracting much attention. Current demonstrations and applications have shown how the technology can, for example, pass the US Medical Licensing Exam, automatically write and document code, write poems and songs, and generate art.

We will talk you through the foundations of these new technologies and give you insights into what exciting developments The Open University is working on to leverage this technology. What has already happened, and what exciting future lies ahead?

Meet our experts:

Dr. David Pride is a former OU PhD Student working with CORE. His current role is as a Research Associate in the Knowledge Media Institute, within the STEM Faculty.

Matteo Cancellieri is the Lead Developer for Open Research at CORE and works with David at the Knowledge Media Institute in STEM.

Matteo and David together created the Knowledge Makers a cross-departmental group that aims to connect the Academia and the Makers community.


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