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Expressive Writing for all: Interactive Supportive Website in English and Arabic

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posted on 2023-03-14, 09:50 authored by Siobhan CampbellSiobhan Campbell, Meg Jensen

Following research findings that Expressive Writing and Telling can be a tool for Social Workers and HRDs in GBV work, in enhancing general care provision, in valuing individual experience and therefore enabling agency, and as a potential ancillary research tool in survey and data gathering, this project has developed an interactive website.

This has two functions: it is a locus to receive Expressive Writing and Telling and it also provides a model for modes and approaches to ethical co-research into these methods.

The Interactive Website acts as a data gathering opportunity that is uniquely poised to gather stories, testimony and personally voiced experience from arenas which may be difficult to reach in person.

These texts respond to the EWT writing exercises that have been specially designed for use in crisis contexts. Anonymised data in the form of written responses provided by participants following the acceptance of the participant information and informed consent permissions, are available to the project’s named researchers for textual analysis and to inform the further development and refinement of EWT approaches that may be rapidly deployed in other emergency contexts.


o EW training materials and techniques that have been specifically adapted to the specific challenges or crises can be shared which enables the potential to be adapted to other crisis contexts in the future.

o Dissemination of the research findings on how the EW methodology can be applied and rolled out in crisis contexts in a quick, versatile and cost-efficient way.

o A collection of the Expressive Life Writing and Storytelling materials produced throughout the project, where participants have given consent, and their work has been anonymised. This collection, in its variety and complexity, will reflect the very exacting nature of each locale and the challenges faced by individuals, thus enabling aid workers and human rights defenders to more

o The Interactive Website acts as an online training delivery portal which presents modules on training of social workers (eg in GBV provision and for Youth) that have been pre-piloted, tested and refined and are now ready to be adapted and used elsewhere.

Update (March 2023): These URLS are currently in further developement

In the meantime, further information on Expressive Writing is available here  Home | Writing Interventions 


Expressive Life Writing and Telling During Crisis: Addressing Urgent Needs in the Akkar Governorate, Lebanon

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