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CABS Public Seminar Series 2023-24:What is Artificial intelligence (AI) and what does it mean for older adults?

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posted on 2024-03-21, 16:51 authored by Elena Moschini, Barbara Neves

Dr Elena Moschini (London Metropolitan University, UK) and Dr Barbara Barbosa Neves (Monash University, Australia) explored the AI landscape and its implications for older adults. 

Dr Moschini's talk offered a brief overview of the journey that has led to the current AI landscape and an outline of the various types of AI technologies. It considered examples of key areas of application and trends for future developments. The presentation highlighted benefits and challenges of AI, as well as implications for users and stakeholders. 

Dr Neves presented insights from her research exploring what ideas of ageing underline practices and perceptions of AI amongst AI developers and care home staff/advocates - to consider whether and how the use of AI in care homes may contribute to ageism. As AI is increasingly used in care environments, with promises of addressing systemic issues such as alleviating loneliness among residents, it is critical to consider its potential role in enhancing age-related bias and social inequalities in later life.   


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