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Why are polar bears the face of climate change (teaser trailer)

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posted on 2024-03-18, 09:07 authored by Samuel ShawSamuel Shaw, Libby Penman, Doug Allan

Wildlife cameraman Doug Allan has three minutes to answer the question ‘Why are polar bears the face of climate change?’

This video was created as part of the Open University’s Art and Ecology project, founded by Dr Carla Benzan and Dr Samuel Shaw. Art and Ecology aims to change public understanding of today's ecological crisis through the art and visual cultures of the past. The project reconnects art and science, moving towards curiosity and active engagement as part of a more meaningful and sustainable solution. The film was directed by Libby Penman and filmed by Libby Penman and Mickey Sneedon at the Perth Museum & Art Gallery and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. It was released in 2024.

Art and Ecology videos are open access, freely available to use in all educational settings.