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The fire took away the very few little things we once had

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posted on 2022-11-29, 16:12 authored by Hazel NixonHazel Nixon, Ahmad Al-rashidAhmad Al-rashid

This video was shared with us by a refugee contributor based in Samos refugee camp, Greece. Tragic fires broke out in May 2020, during the height of the pandemic. The following caption to accompany the video was shared with us via WhatsApp and explains the situation in the camp.

THAMER - Samos Refugee camp - Greece

''We feel like this corona situation has made our situation even more worse. Lots of volunteers and support organisations have withdrawn from here. We have vey little and the camp is overcrowded. With this fire we have lots of families moving to live together now because they lost their tents. This is just another chapter of our unending suffering''


This material is part of the Covid Chronicles from the Margins project, funded by The Open University and The Hague. The project aims to highlight the impact of the pandemic on refugees, asylum seekers & undocumented migrants.

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