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Open Thanatology Inaugural Conference Videos and Resources - June 17 2022

posted on 2022-08-18, 08:58 authored by Erica BorgstromErica Borgstrom

On June 17th 2022, Open Thanatology held it's first online conference. The event was recorded on MS Teams (split into two recordings; keynote by Neil Thompson is in recording 2). The recording does not have closed-captioning; slides are availble for all talks. The programme for the day outlining the talks in more detail is also included. 

Presentations included:

- Introduction to Open Thanatology

-  The Victorian Inquest: A Social History of Sudden Death 

-  Critically Examining Deaths in Psychiatric Detention 

- Perspectives of a Population: A Town and its Hospice Care 

-  The Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care: a national framework for local action: findings from a first-step evaluation of understanding and use 

- Music Thanatology  

- Football, men and loss after the death of a baby 

- Reviewing the impact of disenfranchised grief for carers  

- How does support delivered by telephone improve or impair the psychological health of bereaved adults? 

- Keynote by Neil Thompson - Getting the message across: Why teaching about death, grief and bereavement matters 


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