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Landscapes of Change Film

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posted on 2022-06-07, 11:32 authored by Samuel ShawSamuel Shaw, Carla Benzan

‘Landscapes of Change’ is a ten-minute documentary that forms part of the 'Art and Climate Change' project led by Samuel Shaw (Art History, Open University) and Carla Benzan (Art History, Open University). The film asks viewers to consider the ways in which nineteenth-century landscape painters responded to the industrial revolution.  

The film was written and presented by Samuel Shaw, and produced, directed, and edited by Elizabeth Penman, with funding from the Open University in association with the OU in Scotland and Glasgow Museums. The documentaries were launched at the Glasgow Science Festival in June 2022, and are part of a projected series of films exploring the role that historic collections can play in educating people about biodiversity and the global climate crisis. 


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