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Empty shelves - England

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posted on 2022-10-13, 15:19 authored by Ahmad Al-rashidAhmad Al-rashid

Video from March 2020

”People were rushing to stock pile things. When I went shopping I was very worried because I didn’t know what was happening, and why everyone was panic buying. I saw long queues with full trolleys. I wondered to myself what would happen to my friends who only live on £35 a week and they can’t even manage to get the basics, let alone stockpile. Some of my asylum-seeking friends were very worried whenever they came to buy one or two items and saw others buying hundreds of items at a time”


This material is part of the Covid Chronicles from the Margins project, funded by The Open University and The Hague. The project aims to highlight the impact of the pandemic on refugees, asylum seekers & undocumented migrants.

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