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Covid Chronicles: Cleaning the Streets of my Second Homeland

posted on 2022-12-01, 14:13 authored by Anonymous Contributor

B is a Kurdish asylum-seeker in the UK. B is based in London and is a devoted Muslim. One of the key principles of his religion is cleanliness. B is involved in several initiatives to support asylum-seekers and refugees. A recent personal initiative was cleaning the streets in his local neighbourhood during this lockdown. B wrote:

“This is my second homeland (UK). I feel responsible for my first homeland (Kurdistan). I also have a sense of responsibility to my second homeland. My Islam taught me to take trusteeship here in London.”


This material is part of the Covid Chronicles from the Margins project, funded by The Open University and The Hague. The project aims to highlight the impact of the pandemic on refugees, asylum seekers & undocumented migrants.

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