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Education 4.0 in higher education and Computer Science: a systematic review dataset

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posted on 2023-05-09, 13:00 authored by Bart RientiesBart Rienties, Rebecca Ferguson, Christothea HerodotouChristothea Herodotou, Julia Sargent

This dataset is based upon the literature review published in the paper 

Rienties, B., Ferguson, R., Gonda, D., Hajdin, G., Herodotou, C., Iniesto, F., Llorens-Garcia, A., Muccini, H., Sargent, J., Virkus, S., Vittoria Isidori, M. (2024). Education 4.0 in higher education and Computer Science: a systematic review. Computer Applications in Engineering Education.  


Education 4.0 is a recently introduced concept focused on innovation, novelty, use of technology, and connections with employment and industry. In particular in engineering disciplines like computer science (CS) it is essential that educators keep up to date with industry developments. Indeed, how CS educators effectively design and implement innovative teaching and learning deserves more systematic attention. This study aims to catalogue and synthesise learning design approaches to teaching and learning within CS: 1) Which innovative pedagogic approaches are used in teaching of CS? 2) Which approaches align with Education 4.0? 3) What skills and competences do educators require to align CS teaching with Education 4.0? Our systematic literature review included CS papers published between 2016 and 2020. 231 studies were identified of which 66 were included in the final phase, which were coded by a multidisciplinary team. The findings indicated that many CS educators included Education 4.0 learning design elements. We found a clear distinctive three-cluster solution: 1) EDU4 light, 2) Project-based/hands-on learning, and 3) Full EDU4. These findings suggest three broad flavours when designing innovative CS practice, which might help educators to align their practice.

The dataset contains three worksheets

-Main worksheet with all the used codes

-Variables and their labels

-Syntax for SPSS to run the dataset (if needed)


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