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CONNECT-science self-reported instrument data with 12072 students from primary and secondary school

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posted on 2024-05-16, 08:29 authored by Alexandra OkadaAlexandra Okada

Database Title:

Connect-science self-reported instrument

Database Description:

Students' self-report perceptions reflecting about science connection, science skills, science capital and scientific literacies in the context of open schooling

Database Citation:

Okada A.; Sherborne T; Panselinas; G.; Bizoi, M; Malagrida, R; Ribeiro, S. Torres P. (2024). CONNECT - inclusive open schooling with engaging and future oriented science. CCBYSA

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This database provides the views of 12072 students who participated in CONNECT project

Database Methodology used to generated data

Questionnaire design

Semi-structured questionnaire including a combination of open-ended and closed-ended questions.

Platform used for a coded questionnaire with feedback and open badge


Multilanguage support


language (English, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish in this case) to

ensure that respondents can understand and respond to the questions in their

preferred language.

Questionnaire implementation

Logic for sore, feedback and open badge implemented

Language selection

Qualtrics allows respondents to select their preferred language before starting the survey.

Data generation

The questionnaire was distributed to the target audience school students

through teachers members of CONNECT project who agreed to contribute to this research

Data storage

As respondents submit their responses, Qualtrics stores the data securely in its database infrastructure. Each response is associated with the respondent's unique identifier and includes the language in which the survey was completed.

Data analysis

Exploratory factorial analysis, descriptive analyses and thematic analysis to support mixed methods

Extra Information

Creator of the Instrument used to generate this database:

Okada, A. CONNECT-Science self-report instrument

This database refers to CONNECT project:

Project description:

inclusive open schooling with engaging and future oriented science


European Commission No. 872814

Questionnaire and database location:

Questionnaire citation:

Okada A. (2024) CONNECT-science to sustainability with inclusive open schooling with engaging and future oriented science. CCBYSA

Journal Article using data presented in this database:

Article Citation:

Okada, A.; Panselinas, G.; Bizoi, M.; Malagrida, R.; Torres, P. Fostering Transversal Skills through Open Schooling with the CARE-KNOW-DO Framework for

Sustainable Education. Sustainability 2024, 16, x.






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