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Reason: Dataset generated through web scraping including information available from the original website which terms of use forbid redistribution and reproduction

Webcomics Comments Pilot - Webtoon Popular Comics and Social Media

posted on 2021-04-07, 12:31 authored by Alessio AntoniniAlessio Antonini, Francesca BenattiFrancesca Benatti
This dataset is extracted through web scraping from Webtoon (, a self-publishing platform for webcomics. The dataset includes the most popular comics per category, social media analytics (e.g., rating and followers) and top comments for each comic issue, including replies and social media reactions (like and dislikes).

This dataset is been generated as part of the OU funded DA20 SRIF44 pilot project on Webcomics. The study uses this dataset for a genre and reception study of webcomics focused on gender and minorities.


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