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UK Reading Experience Database data export

posted on 2021-01-27, 15:24 authored by Alessio AntoniniAlessio Antonini
The UK Reading Experience Database (UK-RED) is a pioneering digital humanities project. The UK-RED collected thousands of sources of reading experience annotated to highlight the readers, their testimonies and the conditions of reading.

The "UK-RED-V[x].owl.ttl" file includes UK-RED OWL ontology and data RDF/Turtle format, and the mappings between UK-RED and 1) DBPedia individuals, 2) READ-IT Reading Experience Ontology v2.0, 3) READ-IT CIDOC-CRM Reading Experience Ontology V1.2, and 4) READ-IT Crowdsourcing Experience Ontology.

The "UK-RED.csv" file is a dump of the UK-RED data in the subject, predicate, object format of RDF triples.


This work was partially supported by Reading Europe – Advanced Data Investigation Tool (READIT), a project funded by the JPI Cultural Heritage under the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme (grant agreement No 699523).


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  • History of Books and Reading (HOBAR)

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