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UKREDIDDESC keywords compared to CLMET corpus

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posted on 2022-05-31, 12:49 authored by Francesca BenattiFrancesca Benatti

Keywords extraction was performed using the Corpus of Late Modern English Texts, version 3.0 (CLMET3.0) as a normative corpus (Diller et al., 2011). CLMET3.0 was created by Hendrik De Smet, Hans-Jürgen Diller and Jukka Tyrkkö as a “principled collection of public domain texts” containing 34 million words of running text from the period 1710-1920 (for the full composition of CLMET, see Diller et al., 2011). 

The corpus was uploaded into AntConc 3.5.9, a corpus analysis toolkit developed by Lawrence Anthony (Anthony, 2020).

Keyness was calculated using Log-likelihood, with a Keyword Statistic Threshold of p < 0.05 (Rayson, 2004). The results were saved as UKREDIDDESC_CLMET_keywords (doi: 10.21954/ou.rd.19901791) 


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