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Tinnitus and the arts workshop discussion: transcript and powerpoints

posted on 2022-09-08, 10:20 authored by Marie ThompsonMarie Thompson

Transcripts from the tinnitus and the arts workshop discussions that took place on Zoom between Saturday 19th-Thursday 24th June 2021. 

The discussion groups had between 4 and 6 participants, and were facilitated by Marie Thompson (PI), Patrick Farmer (co-I) and Sally Blackburn Daniels. The discussions each lasted around 2 hours, with a 10 minute break included. 

Participants were shown a selection of responses to each of the art activities (see accompanying ppt files) that were provided as part of the workshops in order to prompt discussion.  

The Tuesday transcript consists of a 35 minute one-to-one discussion with one participant, who was unable to make the other sessions. 


Tinnitus, Auditory Knowledge and the Arts

Arts and Humanities Research Council

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