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The Intelligent Machine in Urban Open Space, Sensing Urban Data and Performing Architectural Behaviour: Appendix D (animations)

posted on 2021-12-22, 13:19 authored by Hyun-Jae Nam
These files comprise Appendix D of the thesis "The Intelligent Machine in Urban Open Space, Sensing Urban Data and Performing Architectural Behaviour" and include the animations of data visualisation, architectural models’ behaviours, and real-time simulations. The animations can be seen in a PDF file or via MP4 files.

Via the animations of D.1.1. and D.1.2., the data of NYC Permitted Event Information depicted on the map of Manhattan and Bryant Park can be seen through timeframes. Those two animations were conducted to confirm whether the sensing algorithms could read the data within territorial conditions through the use of timeframes.

The animations of D.2.1., D.2.2. and D.2.3. show the early model of kinetic structures and skins, as described in section 4.3. Design Experiment 1. The tests (shown in those three animations) focused on enabling folding structures that could enclose an area within the park, connecting with the data (tested using the past data) and simulating in real time.

The animations of D.3.1., D.3.2., D.3.3. and D.3.4. show the second model of kinetic structures and skins that was tested using categorised data, as described in section 4.4. Design Experiment 2. The tests (shown in those four animations) verified that the algorithm could regulate both digital and physical models’ behaviours in real time.

The following animations (i.e. D.4.1., D.4.2., D.4.3., D.4.4., D.4.5. and D.4.6.) show the recorded real-time simulation activated by the algorithm established for Design Development. Selected moments from the animations are described in section 5.7. Real-Time Simulation.


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