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Surface warming during the 2018/MY 34 Mars Global Dust Storm

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posted on 2019-05-30, 07:50 authored by Paul StreeterPaul Streeter, Stephen LewisStephen Lewis, Manish PatelManish Patel, James HolmesJames Holmes
The Surface warming during the 2018/MY 34 Mars Global Dust Storm database is composed of reanalysis products combining past spacecraft observations with a state-of-the-art Mars Global Circulation Model (MGCM), and free-running simulations of the MGCM.

Spacecraft observations of column dust optical depth and temperature profiles from the Mars Climate Sounder (MCS) instrument on the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft are combined with an MGCM used at the Open University. The standard database includes 2-hourly output of key variables such as surface temperature, surface pressure, surface shortwave and longwave flux, temperature as a function of altitude, and column dust optical depth.

Further details on this dataset can be found in the Surface_warming_2018_GDS_dataset_reference.pdf document included in this repository.


Analysis of new atmospheric dust observations from Mars using global circulation model

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