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ResearchFlow Dataset - EKAW 2020

posted on 2020-08-14, 09:41 authored by Francesco OsborneFrancesco Osborne, Angelo SalatinoAngelo Salatino, Enrico Motta
This is the dataset associated with the paper:

Salatino et al. (2020) ResearchFlow: Understanding the Knowledge Flow between Academia and Industry. EKAW 2020.

The dataset contains two folders.

1- 'ResearchFlow_Dataset' contains the data generated from AIDA which describes the diachronic behaviour of 5K topics across 29 years (1990-2018). It includes multiple json files. Each file represents a topic and contains a json dictionary with four main keys: ‘papers-education’, ‘papers-company’, ‘patents-education’, ‘patents-company’. Each key is then associated to a list of 29 values corresponding to number of documents from 1990 to 2018.

2- 'ResearchFlow_Evaluation' contains the data produced for the evaluation of the paper.