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Questionnaires and data-gathering in crisis: adapted methodologies for delivery and implementation of Expressive Writing and Telling in Crisis, Lebanon

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posted on 2022-03-15, 12:43 authored by Siobhan CampbellSiobhan Campbell, Sally Blackburn-Daniels, Meg Jensen
Expressive Writing and Telling in Crisis is a humanities-based program which values individual voices and experience.

In terms of research, it attempts to take a 'with' not 'on' approach.

This project established that even in crisis, once primary needs are fulfilled, there may be a place for expressive telling as a psychosocial support for client beneficiaries and also as support to aid workers or social workers in both providing care and gathering information.

As part of this research, new questionnaire techniques were developed. Due to Covid, these had to be adapted to the lockdown situation. This collection showcases the following:

- Questionnaire and headline results data from the two Joint Analysis Workshops held during the project.

- Pre and post questionnaires from the Youth Curriculum in Expressive Telling, piloted by SHiFT International Tripoli.

- Monitoring and Evaluation forms co-developed and implemented by AND NGO in Akkar Lebanon, to assess both quantitively and qualitatively, the effective delivery of EWT by social workers there.

Headline results from EWT in crisis are that participants 'felt better after', 'found it calming' and 'want to do it again'.

EWT providers believe that results are possible because of the nature of the program:
- it does not assume one size fits all
- it allows for conversations to develop over time, meaning that Covid vaccines and stigmas re Covid could be addressed
- participants can develop at their own pace as it is participatory and respondents can feel they are part of shaping the outcomes
- it has the idea that something can change, or may transform, at the heart of the program and this permeates the ethos of the whole.


Expressive Life Writing and Telling During Crisis: Addressing Urgent Needs in the Akkar Governorate, Lebanon

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