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Periodic Bedrock Ridges on Clay Bearing Terrain at Oxia Planum

posted on 2022-11-08, 00:10 authored by Elena FavaroElena Favaro

This zip file contains files used for the manuscript "Periodic Bedrock Ridges on Clay Bearing Terrain at Oxia Planum", which is currently in review.  

IMPORTANT: The Favaro_EPSL_PBRStudy_HiRISEFootprints shapefile is a modified version of the PRODUCT COVERAGE SHAPEFILES DOWLOAD FOR MARS database maintained at contains a shape file of all the PBR observations made for this study. Please note that this is not an exhaustive survey of PBRs. Please see the paper for clarification on this point. It also contains an optional .lyrx for symbology purposes. 


UK SA ST/T002913/1

UK SA ST/V001965/1

UK SA ST/R001413/1

UK SA ST/R002355/1

UK SA ST/V002678/1

UK SA ST/L006456/1