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PASHI-framework User Experience Evaluation Study Interview Transcripts

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posted on 2021-06-21, 09:05 authored by Akshika WijesundaraAkshika Wijesundara, Arosha BandaraArosha Bandara, Blaine Price, Bashar NuseibehBashar Nuseibeh
This study evaluated the user experience of adaptive user interfaces when used in mitigating interpersonal privacy violating scenarios. This study used video prototypes as the stimulant to elicit user responses where each video prototype demonstrated how different variations of adaptive user interfaces can be used to mitigate different variations of interpersonal privacy violating scenarios. Here interpersonal privacy violations refer to privacy violations that happens between smart home users due to sharing smart home devices among themselves. There are two main variations of interpersonal privacy violations explored in this study:
• Interpersonal information privacy: Privacy related to information disclosures caused by shared smart home devices,
• Interpersonal physical privacy: Privacy related to disturbances caused by shared smart home devices.

9 scenarios were developed covering different adaptive user interface variations, interpersonal privacy variations, smart home contexts, and different user preferences. The study recruited 23 participants and they were inquired about the user experience of the video prototypes based on adaptive user interfaces. This document includes the transcriptions of those interviews.

This study was approved by the Open University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC/3588/Wijesundara).


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  • Software Engineering and Design (SEAD)