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Oxia Planum ArcGIS and Excel Files

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posted on 2020-12-09, 10:21 authored by Elena FavaroElena Favaro, Peter Grindrod
This zip file contains files used for the manuscript "The Aeolian Environment of the Landing Site for the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin Rover in Oxia Planum, Mars".

1.The ArcGIS Pro files used to analyze the distribution, orientation, and morphologies of periodic bedrock ridges and transverse aeolian ridges.

2.Excel datasets describing the dust devil work presented.

Note: These .lyrx files are not backwards compatible with Arc 10.6.

The files contained in this zip file are:
1. The HiRISE images used
2. The 1-sigma ellipses
3. The study area grid
4. The ripple and PBRs analyzed
5. Excel file for the density calculations of dust devils
6. Excel file for the statistics associated with the dust devil tracks


UK SA ST/T002913/1

UK SA ST/V001965/1

UK SA ST/R001413/1

UK SA ST/R002355/1

UK SA ST/V002678/1

UK SA ST/L006456/1