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OpenMARS MY34-35 database

posted on 10.08.2022, 14:03 authored by James HolmesJames Holmes, Stephen LewisStephen Lewis, Manish PatelManish Patel


The Open access to Mars Assimilated Remote Soundings (OpenMARS) database is a reanalysis product combining past spacecraft observations with a state-of-the-art Mars Global Circulation Model (GCM). The OpenMARS product is a global surface/atmosphere reference database of key variables for multiple Mars years.

Spacecraft observations of column dust optical depth and temperature profiles from the Mars Climate Sounder (MCS) instrument on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft, water vapour profiles and water vapour column from the Nadir and Occultation for MArs Discovery (NOMAD) instrument and water vapour and temperature profiles from the Atmospheric Chemistry Suite (ACS) on the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) spacrcraft are combined with a Mars GCM used at the Open University. The database includes hourly output of key atmospheric and surface variables such as water vapour volume mixing ratio, zonal/meridional wind, temperature as a function of altitude and column dust optical depth.

Extended details on this dataset can be found in the OpenMARS-MY34-35-reference-manual.pdf document included in this repository.


Characterizing the martian water cycle by assimilating ExoMars 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter data - grant no. ST/R001405/1

A Synergy of water and dust on Mars - grant no. ST/W00268X/1