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posted on 2022-11-18, 14:27 authored by Jack WrightJack Wright, Alex BarrettAlex Barrett, Peter FawdonPeter Fawdon, Elena FavaroElena Favaro, Matt BalmeMatt Balme, Mark Woods, Spyros Karachalios, Levin Gerdes
Zip folder containing data pertaining to the manuscript "Deep learning-generated map of Jezero Crater, Mars: Application of the NOAH-H terrain classification system" submitted to Journal of Maps. Zip folder contains georeferenced NOAH-H terrain classified rasters, control point files used to georeference the NOAH-H rasters, the final NOAH-H terrain mosaics, and a readme file explaining the contents of the zip folder. This work was funded in part by the European Space Agency contract 4000118843/16/ NL/LvH1145 – Novelty or Anomaly Hunter (NOAH).


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4000118843/16/ NL/LvH1145 - Novelty or Anomaly Hunter (NOAH)





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