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Geographic, elevation, and compositional data corresponding to mounds and highlands near Mawrth Vallis, Mars

posted on 2023-08-07, 10:32 authored by Joseph McNeilJoseph McNeil, Peter FawdonPeter Fawdon, Matt BalmeMatt Balme, Angela L Coe, Stuart TurnerStuart Turner

This data is a collection of shapefiles and tabulated topographic spreadsheets that describe the locations and compositions of bright-toned outcrops in a population of kilometre-scale mesas, buttes and hills that exist north of the martian dichotomy at Mawrth Vallis. Specific descriptions of fields and tables can be found in the Data_Guide word file.

1. Data guide containing descriptions of the following data
2. Shapefiles of bright mound outcrops from CTX (polygons)
3. Shapefiles of clay-bearing mound outcrops from CRISM (polygons)
4. Shapefiles of clay-bearing plateau detections from CRISM FRT data (points)
5. Tabulated topographic data for highland-lowland transects
6. Tabulated topographic data for clay-bearing mound outcrops (.csv)
7. Text file containing spectra from clay-bearing outcrops on mounds (.txt)


STFC DTG SA215664 UKSA ST/V001965/1 UKSA ST/R001413/1