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Enhanced Super-rotation Before and During the 2018 Martian Global Dust Storm

This dataset contains information on the atmospheric fields of Mars, as generated by an assimilation of data from a Mars Global Circulation Model (MGCM) and observational data from two satellite instruments. The data has been used to study super-rotation in the martian atmosphere during the 2018 Global Dust Storm.

The MGCM is the Mars atmospheric model used at the Open University, and the observational data are from: (a) the Mars Climate Sounder (MCS) instrument aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (for Mars Years 33 and 34), and (b) the Atmospheric Chemistry Suite (ACS) aboard the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (for Mars Year 34 only). Assimilation output data is provided over solar longitudes Ls = 150–240 for both years.

Further information on the dataset can be found in the reference document: 'Super-rotation_during_the_2018_Martian_Global_Dust_Storm.pdf'