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Digital Brain Switch project - research data

posted on 2017-12-13, 16:04 authored by Helen RobyHelen Roby, Rebecca WhitingRebecca Whiting

Digital Brain Switch (DBS; May 2013 – August 2015) was a project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), which brought together computer science and social science. It was a collaboration between Lancaster University; The Open University; Royal Holloway, University of London; and University of Kent.

Data originates from a two year project examining the implications of digital technologies for work-life boundary management. Sample were 15 university students, 15 social entrepreneurs and 15 office workers across a range of institutions, organisations and contexts. Participants were recruited from a targeted invitation and all participated on a voluntary basis. Data consist of 45 week long video diaries consisting of instances of role transitions, textual transcription of simultaneous commentary and textual transcription of debriefing sessions. Additionally 45 hour long interview recordings and textual transcripts of further discussions of work-life issues, specifically work-life boundaries, work-life transitions and the effects of keeping video diaries.

Data were collected through hand held video cameras and recorded semi-structured interviews

Dataset contains sensitive personal information - restricted to project team only

This dataset contains the project's research data, in the following zip files:

1. 'Debriefs from video' - Notes taken during debriefs after participants completed the video study, exploring how they got on and what they learnt during the study
2. 'Main study video data_Office', 'Main study video data_Social', 'Main study video' - Video diary data
3. 'Nvivo database of video' - Nvivo database of coded video diaries
4. 'Office Worker Transcribed', 'SE Transcribed Interviews', 'Student Transcribed' - Transcriptions of audio recorded narrative interviews
5. 'Transcripts_Office', 'Transcripts_Social', '' - Transcriptions of selected parts of video diaries
6. 'READ_ME_DigitalBrainSwitch_ResearchData.txt' - a text file containing this description.

Supporting data is also archived on figshare at: 10.21954/ou.rd.5554840
Pilot study data is also archived on figshare at: 10.21954/ou.rd.5549818

Data record in Open Research Online:
Project website:


EPSRC EP/K025201/1