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Data from 'energy behaviour diaries' for 9 heritage building case studies

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posted on 2021-05-21, 13:34 authored by Freya WiseFreya Wise
The data set comprises the digitised data from energy behaviour diaries produced by nine heritage building case studies.

Each case study has two diaries, a summer version and a winter version.

Each diary includes information on heating, lighting and ventilation settings and changes. Residents' activities, locations in their buildings and clothing levels.

Participants were also provided with two digital thermometers which record maximum, minimum and current temperatures. One thermometer was placed outside the building, in a sheltered location not in direct sunlight. The other thermometer was placed in participants' main living spaces away from any heat emitters. The thermometers were checked once a day, all three values noted down and then the memory function reset.

The data from the diaries has been digitised and included in an excel spreadsheet. Also included are digital copies of the diaries that were presented to participants for their completion.


Arts and Humanities Research Council AH/L503770/1