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Covid Chronicles: Olga's Ukraine Chronicles: December 2022

posted on 2022-12-16, 15:00 authored by Marie GillespieMarie Gillespie

This is a blog that describes how Olga is struggling to provide heat and light for the shelter she and co-volunteers run for internally displaced women and children in a rural village in Ivano Frankvisk. It is accompanied by a Go Fund Me appeal for donations to help Olga buy a generator and other equipment. They suffer up to 10 hours of power cuts each day and the women and children in the shelter are often freezing. As winter sets in the weather will get worse. Olga provides unique and personal inights into an apsect of life in Ukraine after the invasion. her hopes and dreams, like for all Ukrainians, is for an end to war but until then, she say, "we help each other and that gives us power." It is a powerful testimony to the strength of solidarity.

 This material is part of the Covid Chronicles from the Margins project, funded by The Open University and the International Institute of Social Studies in the Hague. The project aims to highlight the impact of the pandemic on refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants.