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Citation Knowledge with Section and Context

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posted on 2020-05-05, 10:48 authored by Anita KhadkaAnita Khadka
This dataset contains information from scientific publications written by authors who have published papers in the RecSys conference. It contains four files which have information extracted from scientific publications. The details of each file are explained below:

i) all_authors.tsv: This file contains the details of authors who published research papers in the RecSys conference. The details include authors' identifier in various forms, such as number, orcid id, dblp url, dblp key and google scholar url, authors' first name, last name and their affiliation (where they work)

ii) all_publications.tsv: This file contains the details of publications authored by the authors mentioned in the all_authors.tsv file (Please note the list of publications does not contain all the authored publications of the authors, refer to the publication for further details).

The details include publications' identifier in different forms (such as number, dblp key, dblp url, dblp key, google scholar url), title, filtered title, published date, published conference and paper abstract.

iii) selected_author_publications-information.tsv: This file consists of identifiers of authors and their publications. Here, we provide the information of selected authors and their publications used for our experiment.

iv) selected_publication_citations-information.tsv: This file contains the information of the selected publications which consists of both citing and cited papers’ information used in our experiment. It consists of identifier of citing paper, identifier of cited paper, citation title, citation filtered title, the sentence before the citation is mentioned, citing sentence, the sentence after the citation is mentioned, citation position (section).

Please note, it does not contain information of all the citations cited in the publications. For more detail, please refer to the paper.

This dataset is for the use of research purposes only and if you use this dataset, please cite our paper "Capturing and exploiting citation knowledge for recommending recently published papers" due to be published in Web2Touch track 2020 (not yet published).