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Building trust in digital policing: A scoping review of community policing apps (final apps and scores)

posted on 2020-12-02, 16:06 authored by Camilla ElphickCamilla Elphick, Richard Philpot, Min Zhang, Avelie StuartAvelie Stuart, Zoe Walkington, Lara FrumkinLara Frumkin, Graham PikeGraham Pike, Kelly Gardner, Mark Lacey, Mark Levine, Blaine PriceBlaine Price, Arosha BandaraArosha Bandara, Bashar Nuseibeh
Apps (either hosted by police or by third parties focused on policing or community concerns) that were perceived to have two-way communication, and were found on the UK version of Google Play between 1st and 4th July 2019.

Measures and scores for the subset of apps in the final sample.


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  • Centre for Policing Research and Learning (CPRL)
  • Forensic Cognition Research Group (FCRG)