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Aram Dorsum, Mars: decameter-scale polygon survey results

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posted on 2020-02-21, 12:02 authored by Matt BalmeMatt Balme
This is a shapefile containing the locations of polygonal fractures, ridges and other similar forms in the Aram Dorsum area of Mars. The shapefiles are classified into the following types:
narrow (polygonal fractures with trough-like margins ~ 1 m wide)
pos (polygonal fractures with ridge-like margins ~ 1 m wide)
wide (somewhat discontinuous polygonal fractures with flat-floored, trough-like margins ~ 1-3 m wide)
vein (criss-crossing positive relief forms with curvilinear to rectilinear patterns, ridges arer < 1 m wide)
tiny (meter-scale polygonal or mound like forms)


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