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An exploration of wedding celebrancy in England and Wales

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posted on 2020-04-07, 07:06 authored by Stephanie PywellStephanie Pywell
This online survey explored various aspects of the work of currently practising 'wedding celebrants' in England and Wales. Wedding celebrants conduct wedding-style ceremonies that celebrate couples' relationships. The ceremonies have no legal effect. Despite anecdotal evidence about the growing popularity of celebrant-led ceremonies, there had previously been no independent research into celebrants' work.

A link to the survey was forwarded to all the celebrants on the mailing lists of the seven member organisations of the Wedding Celebrancy Commission.

The easiest way to give information to participants in Qualtrics is to create a 'question' containing the information. Q1 gave information about the terminology used in the survey, and Q2 asked all respondents to answer Q3. Q3 was 'Did you conduct any wedding celebration ceremonies in England and/or Wales during 2091?'. If celebrants answered 'no', they were taken to the end of the survey, because they were non-eligible. Q4 was the 'thank you and goodbye' message for ineligible celebrants. 515 responses were received, and the responses of the 228 non-eligible respondents were deleted.

This spreadsheet contains anonymised raw data from the 287 eligible respondents.

The data from Qualtrics were exported to Excel for ease of manipulation. No identifying data were included in the Qualtrics reports.

References are forthcoming: the data are expected to be used in two articles: [2020] Child and Family Law Quarterly Vol 2 and Vol 3.


£6,000 donation from the Wedding Celebrancy Commission to The Open University. Not a direct grant to the PI, as it was important the the research remained independent.


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