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A hybrid geological map of Sibelius crater on Mercury, and its associated ejecta and impact melt deposits.

posted on 2023-02-16, 13:44 authored by Marc CanaleMarc Canale, Jack WrightJack Wright, David RotheryDavid Rothery

QGIS project files, vector geopackage and basemaps for geomorphological, spectral and hybrid maps of Sibelius crater, Mercury.

These maps were produced during 2020-21 as an attempt to understand the distribution of impact melt and spectral ejecta deposits around the crater rim and the influence of pre-existing topography on melt ponding.

They were first shown at the 2021 William Smith meeting at the Geological Society of London and subsequently the authors were invited to produce a paper discussing its creation and the interpretation of its units and landforms to be included in a GSL special publication: Geological mapping: of our world and others (GSLSpecPub2022-296  currently in press).


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