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Full report on challenges with learning to program and problem solve: an analysis of first year undergraduate Open University distance learning students' online discussions: Python source code

posted on 2019-12-18, 09:36 authored by Simon SavageSimon Savage, Paul Piwek
Python3 code to "scrape" OU Moodle forums and copy data into an Excel spreadsheet.

Relies on three freely available libraries which can be installed using the file "".

"" actually reads the data. It is expecting forum files to have been downloaded and placed in the same directory as the Python code. The code between lines 251 and 256 is responsible for locating the source forum files and naming the output worksheet should these need changing.

Once you've added turn types etc to the output worksheet you can use "" to calculate a variety of statistics about the forum data. Lines 450 onwards control which statistics are being created.


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