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Expressive Writing Self-Care toolkit for Frontline Workers and Human Rights Defenders working in crisis

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posted on 2023-03-13, 15:44 authored by Siobhan CampbellSiobhan Campbell, Meg Jensen
This self-care toolkit sets out a short course in Expressive Life Writing as a psychosocial support for mental-wellbeing, especially when working in crisis. It provides a method of self-care for social workers and human rights defenders. Co-developed with Akkar Network NGO, Lebanon, the exercises and prompts were tested and refined by frontline workers during the multiple crises in Lebanon: COVID-19, socio-political pressures, the refugee situation, and economic collapse. As Expressive Life Writing draws on imagination as well as memory, those affected by traumatic events find that these story-telling approaches can help process and gain agency over the narrative of those events. This may support frontline workers as they support others.

Available in Arabic and in English.


Expressive Life Writing and Telling During Crisis: Addressing Urgent Needs in the Akkar Governorate, Lebanon

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