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Effective mentoring in Initial Teacher Education: What works and why?

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posted on 2022-07-12, 13:34 authored by PGCE Wales

This collection of case studies showcases some of the effective mentoring approaches taking place  across The Open University Partnership in Wales PGCE Programme. At the end of the first year of the  programme, feedback from school-based staff highlighted the need to co-construct further resources  with schools which reflect the current reforms in Initial Teacher Education and specifically the role of  the mentor. There was also a desire to see resources which considered the unique contexts of schools  within this pan-Wales programme. This project arose from wider work focused on the creation of  mentor training materials which seeks to offer both synchronous and asynchronous development  opportunities accessible online and throughout the year. These include course overviews and  induction, effective mentoring approaches and support in assessing the student teacher’s progress.  

The case studies form part of a wider research project that investigated effective mentoring  approaches in Initial Teacher Education. In early 2022 mentors were interviewed, practice tutors and  school co-ordinators submitted written or audio reflections, and student teachers and curriculum  tutors participated in separate group discussions to gather views on the qualities reflected in a good  mentor, effective mentoring approaches and the successes and challenges experienced during the  mentoring process. 

One element of the research project requested mentors to use an artefact of their choice to support  their reflection of effective mentoring. A sample of some of these artefacts along with the mentors’  comments are presented after the case studies. 

The case studies are available here in English and Welsh.


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