Citation-Context Dataset (C2D)

2018-08-15T13:14:13Z (GMT) by Anita Khadka
<p>We have released the first version of a citation-context based dataset called C2D, created while doing an experiment in the work which will be published in <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">RecSys 2018</a> as a <a href="">short paper</a>.<br></p><p><br></p><p>C2D dataset is created by using 2 million full-text open-source research publications obtained from <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">CORE</a>. It contains 53 million unique records of citation-information. To construct C2D, we extracted citation information from each publication. Information such as cited document's title, author(s), published date and citation-context. We will describe the assumption of extracting citation-context in a bit more detail below:</p><p><br></p><p>First of all, we extracted positions of citations where they are mentioned including citation-contexts which are texts around the cited documents. For our purpose, we created a citation-context using three sentences; the sentence where the reference has been cited, the preceding, and the following sentence. Additionally, at the start or end of a paragraph, the preceding or following sentence is not extracted respectively.</p><p><br></p><p>Therefore, the attributes of the dataset contain:</p><h3>Attributes:</h3><ul><li><strong>ReferenceID</strong> - unique identifier of cited reference in a citing document</li><li><strong>SourceID</strong> - unique identifier of a citing document.</li><li><strong>ChapterNumber</strong> - Chapter number of the citing document where the <b>ReferenceID</b> has mentioned.</li><li><strong>ParagraphNumber</strong> - paragraph number of the citing document where the reference <strong>ReferenceID</strong> has mentioned.</li><li><strong>SentenceNumber</strong> - sentence number of the citing document where the reference <strong>ReferencedID</strong> has mentioned.</li><li><strong>Title</strong> - Title of the reference <strong>ReferenceID.</strong></li><li><strong>PublishedDate</strong> - Publication date when the reference <strong>ReferenceID </strong>was published.</li><li><strong>Authors</strong> - Author(s) of the reference <strong>ReferenceID</strong></li><li><strong>TextBeforeRefMention</strong> - Sentence just before the sentence where the reference <strong>ReferenceID</strong> has been cited.</li><li><strong> TextWhereRefMention</strong> - Sentence where the reference <strong>ReferenceID</strong> has been cited.</li><li><strong>TextAfterRefMention</strong> - Sentence just after the sentence where the reference <strong>ReferenceID</strong> has been cited.</li></ul><div>Please cite our <a href="">paper</a> if you use this dataset. </div><p><br></p><p>Note:<br></p><ul><li>The actual size of the dataset is ~40gb however compressed size is ~6.7gb.</li><li>Requirements of different users may be different therefore we have released the raw version of the dataset. Please note, data cleansing (such as special character and stop-word removal) has not been performed.</li></ul>